Take your business to a whole new level

Coping with and adapting to the challenges of running a business can be one of the most difficult parts of owning a business, but they are critical to your success.

Since you have found your way to this page, you are seeking serious answers to how other business owners seem to succeed while working a relatively normal schedule and with virtually no stress.

scrabble tiles showing the words dream, plan, act

Do one or more of these sound familiar?

  • Frustrated at being stuck in the same place in your business for years?
  • Spending too much time answering everyone else’s questions and not enough time focused on growth?
  • Wearing too many hats in your business?
  • Overwhelmed with too many things to do and not enough time to do them?
  • Feel like you are going 300MPH in a circle?
  • No time to create efficient and effective processes to support your growth?
  • Want to re-promote yourself back to being the Owner?
  • Lack of a specific action plan to take your business to the “Next Level”?

If any of these describe your current situation, the good news is that you are not alone.  Most businesses encounter these and many other problems at some point.

The better news is that there are solutions to all these challenges by applying simple strategies and techniques. Note that simple does not mean EASY. Making changes is among the most challenging, uncomfortable things we do. Still, SL Business Solutions’ role is to help you navigate that discomfort and prevent it from getting in the way of your success.

Imagine the possibilities of having an experienced mentor at your side. We can help you see things you could not see, provide fresh perspectives on existing challenges, help bring order to chaos, create specific action plans, and hold you accountable for your success.

Persistence, patience and purposeful action plans will propel your company to fast growth and the business you always wanted.  Having a one-on-one relationship with a mentor who holds you accountable is key.


Sal is the business coach every entrepreneur needs. He helps you to see how to improve your processes by encouraging you to focus and evaluate. His phrase “slow down to speed up” may seem counterintuitive at first but it is the key to everything. He helps you to become and stay accountable to yourself. And, he is a pleasure to work with on top of it all!  

—Nancy McCarthy, The Write Advantage

In a word, the biggest benefit to working with SL Business Solutions is “Clarity.” When I started working with Sal, I was conflicted with my offering and deciding where my business should go. Working with Sal helped me get clear on what I do so that I could take it to market with confidence.  Once I got clear on my services, I was able to focus on the things that made my business grow. In other words, I found myself working “on” my business instead of “in” my business.  It’s really easy to “say” you’re going to do something. Knowing that I’m accountable to someone besides myself gave me the extra motivation to keep pushing. 

—Shawn Swaim, Owner ShawnTheSEOGeek

Sal is a facilitator of success. He does not take credit for our ideas, or take personal ownership of the solutions we devise. His satisfaction is clearly in helping us come to our own conclusions based on our own areas of expertise and experience, and seeing them bring about our own success.  Because Sal spends time really listening, he is able to distill core problems and opportunities inside complicated (or seemingly complicated) issues. By focusing on underlying systems, beliefs, or processes, time is better spent making changes that have broad-reaching positive impacts, rather than making small moves to fix obvious symptoms.  Knowing which areas of our business are secure and operating well gives us the mental and emotional freedom to spend that energy in the areas that matter most. This results in an immediate encouragement boost, but also the continual improvement from quarter to quarter as a result of that well-spent energy. 

—Steve Webb & Darren Peterson, Co-founders – Aspire Studios